Channing Tatum as Magic Mike
Alex Pettyfer as The Kid, Alex
Cody Horn as Paige (Alex’s sister)
Matthew McConaughey as Dallas
Comes out in theaters June 29

Making ends meet working on a construction site and saving money to start his own business, Magic Mike (Channing Tatum) meets a young 19-year-old kid (Alex Pettyfer) on the job and introduces him to his other job where he is exposed to women, money, and partying.

The Kid seems lost and oblivious and hardly puts effort into working for little money, but when he sees what Magic Mike does at night, he hesitates for a simple second being thrown on stage, but quickly becomes consumed with the easy money and attention given to him by women! The Kid is taught how to dance and get into the groove by Dallas (played by Matthew McConaughey) who spends his time banging his bongos and portraying a character that seems to fit him like any other movie has been in. Dallas is money hungry and with his dancers, he wants to expand to bigger and better venues.

Magic┬áMike seems to have his life together and is confident and quiet, but wants to walk away from his night life dancing. He takes The Kid under his wing and shows him the ropes of what he can have as well. The Kid’s sister, Paige (played by Cody Horn), is skeptical and standoffish. She is logical and worries about her brother but when she finds out what he started doing with Magic Mike, she supports his decision and befriends Magic Mike along the way.

The movie starts out strong and the characters introduced are all well balanced. There are witty one-liner comments that do make you laugh and the dialogue throughout the film flows to where it works for each scene and each character. When you first see the dancers on stage, it is hilarious and a bit awkward, but it slowly gets better for them individually and as a group.

It’s not just about men stripping for money, it’s about life’s lessons and finding your way to live and understand how to survive when you need to. From a simple lifestlye to dancing for money, you enter the world of partying and a bit of bad behavior that some may think happens for some in this industry of dancing.

The cute banter between Magic Mike and The Kid’s sister makes you root for them to hook up, with her so skeptical and Magic Mike revealing he is not what he does for a living, you can see there is a connection between the two that works.

“Magic Mike” is a witty movie that is a bit refreshing but at times was a bit boring. Loved the one-liner witty comments and the cast is a variety of “Boogie Nights” meets the Chippendales. Women and gay men will love this movie and the shirtless men that are in it!

3 out of 5 stars.

Check out the trailer for “Magic Mike” below:

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