Sound Check with Dominique Reighard

Dominique. America’s Next Top Model. Does this ring a bell? If not, it’s about to be emblazoned in your memory from her new song and music video “On Top of the World.” Most people remember her best for her participation as a contestant but as it seems, she has more talents than just “striking a pose.”

The model-now-turned-singer shows us that she knows how to entertain us with our ears instead of our eyes, unless you watch the video—then you get the best of both worlds. One of the best quotes from this beautiful vixen of song was “Modeling is not about being perfect, it is about creating the illusion of looking perfect in front of the camera to get that one shot.”

This is something most of do at home for our Facebook default pictures and our Instagram accounts. However, maybe she has a point. It’s not about looking perfect all the time, instead, maybe it’s more about knowing how to carry yourself at the precise moment that you are trying to make a specific statement. Whether it has to do with being beautiful in your own way, or just being downright model-material, most of us can relate. I know I have my own fair share of pictures with no smile that I choose to broadcast simply because I like to give a show. Whether it is one of upbeat silliness or downbeat sadness—I am guilty of foregoing the cheesy “smile and stare.”

Getting back to our new songstress, she has proven herself as someone not to be forgotten. She kept determined even though her chances appeared at first to be slim on ANTM and kept delivering the goods. This is what gave her the opportunity to keep coming back in different spin-offs of reality modeling television.

FLAME Magazine wanted to find out more about this dazzling, charismatic beauty, so we did a—you guessed it—interview:

So, Dominique, what made you choose a career in music instead of a career in modeling, seeing as you are obviously qualified in both areas? 

As a child growing up, I have always wanted to sing and model. I would practice my model walk one moment then pretend to be my idol, Mariah Carey the next! I have always wanted to live out my dreams as a little girl and now that I am an adult I plan on doing so! I do not want to have any regrets in life. I also believe that as an entertainer, your career has to evolve and I am doing just that.

Would you say that you prefer a musical career to that of a modeling career? 

No. I believe they go hand in hand; one enhances and complements the other. Photo shoots will never go away. Right now, I have chosen to direct my focus on my music career. My goal is to reach my full potential as an entertainer.

If someone were to ask you who your favorite model and favorite singer is, who would you choose and why? 

My favorite model of all time besides the one and only Tyra Banks would have to be Sophia Loren. I love her classic beauty and how she embraces her womanly figure! My favorite singer of all time is Mariah Carey! I always felt like I could relate to her growing up and fell in love with her personality and the message in her music. There is not one song that she has made that I do not like.

Since you were a part of a few reality television modeling competitions, could we assume that you also watched “RuPaul’s Drag Race”?  

I absolutely love that show and, yes, I do watch it when I can! Honestly speaking, I would love to be a judge on that show!

If you were to pick your favorite hairstyle—as we see you can pull off many—how would you do your hair for a night out on the town? 

My favorite hairstyle would have to be big hair! I love big hair! The bigger the hair the better!

I have to ask for our readers:

Gaga or Britney?

Gaga or Madonna?

Britney or Madonna?

What do you think is the most controversial issue of this decade, which you feel strongly and passionately about in one way or another? 

I will relate it to modeling and say the banning of using models under the age of 16 led by Vogue. I am an advocate and promoter of living a healthy lifestyle. It is unfortunate that we have lost young lives to eating disorders, but it is time we take a stand against it despite the fact that some people in the industry feel it will diminish jobs.

I can’t help but notice that your song sounds like a perfect Friday night, middle of the summer dance-thumper for the clubs. Would you agree? 

Yes, I love this song because it is a feel-good song. It is meant to empower and generate a burst of energy!

Tell us how, in your mind, you picture people dancing to this song when it comes on in the clubs! 

This is a song I feel everyone can relate to. I feel people getting a burst of energy and going off with their own swag dance moves… fist pumping, jumping in the air, excitement everywhere! It gets you pumped and inspires you “Not to apologize for who you are and to live your life on top of the world!”

We don’t know if you have a personal trainer or not, but what’s one easy workout that you can recommend for our readers to do in your own home to keep their bodies toned? 

I am an outdoor kind of girl and I love to get out for a jog and enjoy nature. I am a cardio queen!

Did the making of your video remind you a lot of being on the set of modeling shoots? 

It sure did! I think in order to be a singer or model, you must know how to act and feel comfortable in becoming different characters!

Would you say that modeling is an integral part to shooting a music video? 

I think acting is! Always thinking outside the box and constantly developing new ways to be creative and entertain!

What’s your favorite song to dance to in a club—the one that really gets you moving? 

Right now “On Top of the World” gets me in my zone! Hector Fonseca just did a sick remix for “On Top of the World” and it has me dancing non-stop!!!

Is there any parting quote you would like to leave the readers with for inspiration and motivation?  


Check out the music video for Dominique – “On Top of the World” below:


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