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BACHELORETTE: “Smart, Hip, and Modern…A Great Date Movie”

Kirsten Dunst as Regan
Lizzy Caplan as Gena
Isla Fisher as Katie
Rebel Wilson as Becky
Adam Scott as Clyde
Kyle Bornheimer as Joe
James Marsden as Trevor
Andrew Rannells as Manny
Out in theaters September 7

They called themselves the “B Faces” in high school, now these three girls: Regan (Dunst), the classic overachiever, Gena (Caplan), the moody, bohemian stoner, and Katie (Fisher), the upbeat party girl, have been asked by Becky (Wilson), a fat girl who they used to tease, to be bridesmaids at her wedding. Regan takes the reins as maid of honor and is bound and determined to give Becky the perfect wedding, including a nice low key bachelorette party. On the night before the wedding, Katie, unbeknownst to Regan has hired a friend of hers to strip, but this does not go as smoothly as planned and leaves Becky emotionally devastated. After the party breaks up, a disappointed and bored Regan, Gena and Katie take to alcohol and cocaine to spice up their evening. Fooling around with Becky’s wedding dress to take a gag photo, they accidentally destroy it, and the rest of the night becomes a wild and debauched frenzy to fix it or find a new dress before anyone, especially Becky, knows that it’s missing.

As we get to know the girls we see that they all have some issues, such as Regan’s need to be in control and Katie’s incessant partying. There are some old wounds that are poked at, including a major event in Gena’s past involving ex-boyfriend, now groomsman Clyde (Scott), whom she considers to be the person that ruined her life.

Unlike the raucous comedy of Bridesmaids, Bachelorette is not loud or overly outrageous. Even though there is plenty of opportunity for this movie to go the route of typical juvenile sex comedy, its humor is wonderfully and thoughtfully understated, but it IS funny! Bachelorette is smart, and hip and modern without being pretentious – A great date movie – and a great excuse to see Andrew Rannells (Book Of Mormon, The New Normal) in silver boy shorts.

Check out the trailer for “BACHELORETTE” below:

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