Sound Check with Bridgit Mendler

While we may have grown accustomed to Disney Channel stars becoming has-beens, there is a new singer from that lineup being sent to the radio waves who doesn’t disappoint. Introducing Bridgit Mendler!

On her debut album titled, “Hello My Name Is…,” Bridgit not only has a unique spelling to a common name but has a unique voice to a common style – Pop. Her album was weeks away from its October 22 release when Flame Magazines was given the opportunity to listen to an advance copy.

As most people excitedly do when they first acquire a new album, the skimming and skipping through tracks was done to get a feel for the album as a whole. In doing so, three other unique singers come to mind upon first listen: Jessie J, Keri Hilson, and Lily Allen. As those singers are very different from each other, one only has to listen to Bridgit’s album in its entirety to hear many similarities to these three artists with the undertone of one more superstar singer: Rihanna.

Here’s the breakdown of how it’s possible to sound like all of these artists blended together into a new, fresh voice: Take the playful and perky music stylings that are usually present in Lily Allen’s songs, add in the edgy voice of Jessie J, and pin underneath it all the soulful voice of Keri Hilson. Where did the Rihanna part come in? Well, there are certain songs that almost have that island-type feel to them. Now you understand the math!

Most of the album has you leaning toward the feel-good side of things. Also, one thing we must note – her voice is so clear that you will never have trouble understanding what she is saying, so there’s no need to visit lyric websites to understand the song! The theme of the album is very bubbly and, even in the slower songs, you don’t feel sad; you feel grateful to be alive and to be able and relate to what she is singing about.

While Bridgit’s promoted single on the album, “Ready or Not” is a great song, there are definitely songs that are more noteworthy and that shine brighter than that. These songs are “Hurricane,” “City Lights,” “5:15,” and “Hold on for Dear Love.”  

“Hurricane” is a song you can sing along with about “…standing in the eye of a hurricane.” This song is mostly about that feeling we sometimes get in which we want to trust the person we think we might love, but there’s something that just won’t allow us to let down our guard. Perfectly easy to relate with!

“City Lights” gives us a sense that, even though we feel we are small and don’t make a difference in the world, we do! “Every time that you think you’ve lost your shine / Just remember nothing’s brighter / You’re the City Lights / Every time that you fade into the night / Just remember you’re the fire.” Do you see what we mean?

“5:15” is that moment when you’re telling yourself, and probably the significant other in your life, that these are the last moments before you up-and-leave everything behind you. The voice she uses in this song is almost empowering and captures that feeling of past-procrastination, putting up with things you no longer want to, and readying yourself for that big change in your life…with or without your babe!

“Hold on for Dear Love” is the one song that shows the most versatility in her voice as you can hear many people in this song within this one voice. This song is about that sick feeling you get in your stomach when you’re almost sure that everything is over between you and your love, but you don’t want to let go. It’s that moment where you’re ready to let go, but you know if you do, you may be making the biggest mistake of your life.

So, get ready for Bridget Mendler because she is sure to make her voice heard as she is a standout from what we have been hearing from many other artists brought to us by The Disney Channel. Her album, “Hello My Name Is…,” is available in stores now. Check out some of her acoustic releases on her VEVO channel and look into her. We all want fresh music from people who can truly sing, right? Well, I know we do, so check her out!

Check out Bridgit Mendler’s “Ready or Not” video below:

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