Sound Check with Christina Aguilera

Christina has come back with another album—always at that moment when you feel like you give up on her. Her new album “Lotus,” as a whole feels more like an adventure in the exploration of music.  In listening to her CD there is no doubt that she can still out-sing anyone else on the charts right now, but her music seems to be like a book, each song is different from any other, as are chapters in a book. So with that being said, let’s explore some of the most listen-worthy songs on the album.

Her first song appropriately titled “Lotus Intro” has a very futuristic sound to it and slowly draws you into it, such as the flower petals of a lotus would slowly unfold. As the song goes on, it just gets better and builds upon its own inspiration. You almost feel as if you are reading someone’s deep thoughts in a dusty brown diary.

The next pick, “Army of Me,” is her “Fighter 2.0” and the notes in every part of this song hit with more strength, power, and resonance than those in the original “Fighter” did. This song is directed more towards that one person who has taken advantage of you time and time again, relentlessly. The difference is that you gain more independence and confidence with each undulating blow and this person will soon see that for themselves—but not until it’s too late. Oops!

Her dance infused, club-slamming song would have to be “Let There Be Love.” Will her management team be smart and release this on the radio or will we have to rely on our car speakers and the gay bars to hear it? Let’s find out. You can’t deny that this song instantly makes you want to smile and jump up and dance.

“Cease Fire” is unarguably one of the most interesting and emotionally charged of the songs on the album. She reaches out in a different tone, a different tempo, and a different style of singing.  You can hear angst, passion, pain, and surrender all crafted into this masterpiece of emotions that make up this song.

“Circles” has to be one of the most unique songs Xtina has sang as it barely sounds like her, barely resembles anything she has done before artistically, and because of the words.  “Spin around in circles/on my middle, middle finger” is her chorus – need I say more? Well I will: In the end she throws out a little “muthafu#ka,” as if it were the cherry on top of her new twisted dessert offering of a song.

Lastly for review, her song featuring Blake Shelton, “Just A Fool” offers us a country twang and a soulful reminiscent sound of the old hit from yester-year when Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock offered us “Picture” (I just called to say I love youuuuu…come back home). You’ll also be able hear a very slight resemblance to Linda Perry’s old group, 4 Non Blondes’ song “What’s Up?”  (It’s the “I said heyyy yayy yayy ayyyy….what’s goin onnnnnnn,”  song that I’m sure you’ve all heard at the karaoke bars more than once).

All-in-all, Christina does what she does best—sings. But it seems that she sings for us fans these days, rather than for the charts. And, we’re okay with that. Check it out!

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