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WARM BODIESNicholas Hoult as R.
Teresa Palmer as Julie
Analeigh Tipton as Nora
Rob Corddry as M.
Dave Franco as Perry
In theaters February 1

“Warm Bodies” takes love at first sight to an all new level – love at first fright. From the beginning, we learn that R (Nicholas Hoult) is not your typical zombie, but rather your typical nice-guy hipster, who just also happens to be a walking corpse. He is unable to remember the rest of his name, which is the sort of thing that happens when you’re a zombie #ZombieProblems.

One day, R and his grunt-buddy M, (Rob Corddry) along with a group of hungry zombies venture out in search of food; they happen to come across a group of humans that are led by Julie (Teresa Palmer) and her boyfriend, Perry (Dave Franco). While Julie, Perry, and their crew are gathering supplies to take back into town, the zombies in search of food of their own enter the storage facility, where a bloodbath ensues. In the midst of killing Perry, R notices Julie blasting away his fellow crew and something inside him stirs, leaving him wonderstruck; after all, every great thing starts out a little bit scary.

In order to protect Julie, R takes her back to his place which just so happens to be an abandoned airplane where he collects tons of various items, including a large selection of older records. These records include songs such as John Eaite’s “Missing You” and Bruce Springsteen’s “Hungry Heart,” which gives these songs an all new and interesting meaning. One of R’s biggest obstacles that he is trying to overcome is something any normal human guy would have; expressing himself to a significant other. But on the other hand, Julie also comes to realize that maybe the humans have the wrong idea about the zombies, who seem to be slowly coming back to life; but how is this possible.

Julie seems unfazed by Perry’s death and as they continue to hang out you really start to notice that awkwardness of young love. R’s vocabulary relaxes to the point that they can almost fully communicate with each other. This is the “Romeo and Juliet” of zombie movies. Since there seems to be no reason these two lovers should not be joined together, the only challenge that remains would be convincing humans to join forces with the zombies against those nasty Bonies – zombies who have given up and feast on anything with a heartbeat, including other corpses.

Ingesting brains of a human allows zombies to absorb their victims’ memories, which gives R glimpses into happier, pre-apocalyptic times when he noshes on pieces of Perry.

Julie’s best friend, Nora (Analeigh Tipton) does give R an awesome human makeover. Even at the outset, R doesn’t appear too frightening at all, and the more time that he spends around humans, the less dead he looks.

This is a must see, even if you aren’t into this typical type of movie; the camera does a great job of lingering over Nicholas Hoult’s perfectly disheveled cheekbones so often that you’ll forget to care whether he is actually eating anyone’s brains.

4 out of 5 stars.

Check out the trailer for “Warm Bodies” below:

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