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POSTERBradley Cooper as Phil
Ed Helms as Stu
Zach Galifianakis as Alan
Justin Bartha as Doug
Ken Jeong as Chow
John Goodman as Marshall
In theaters May 24

The Wolf Pack is back one last time!  It has been two years since the shenanigans of the second movie and all of the guys have moved on with their lives, including Stu (Helms) who finally got that tattoo removed.  Alan, (Galifianakis) is still not happy with his life and has stopped taking his medication, which leads to disastrous results:  an extremely unfortunate situation with a giraffe that ultimately causes disaster for his family.

Reluctantly, everyone agrees that Alan needs help and stages an intervention.  Alan agrees to go to rehab and the members of The Wolf Pack agree to drive him there, but once they get on their way, all Hell begins to break loose when they are forced to reconnect with Chow, the chaotic criminal they met the first time they came to Vegas.

The last time we saw the Chow (Ken Jeong), he was being hauled off to prison in Bangkok.  He pulls a “Shawshank” and escapes.  Chow has many enemies, one of which, Marshall, a ruthless gangster (Goodman), tracks down The Wolf Pack because he found out that Alan has stayed in touch with Chow over the years.  It seems Chow ripped this guy off and now Marshall wants revenge.  He gives the Pack an ultimatum:  bring Chow to him or their buddy Doug dies.

Yes the Pack is back; everyone returned for this, the final film of the trilogy.  All bets are off this time, because anything is possible.  If you haven’t seen the first two, you might be a little confused by some of the jokes and the references because events in those movies connect to this one.  As for this film itself, if you enjoyed the other two, you’ll have no problem with part three.  There’s no wedding, or bachelor party this time, but the adventure is still just as hilarious.  You would think that because this is part three it would be completely over the top, but I don’t think so.  In fact all three movies fit together in a pretty straight line.  Sure there are plenty of laughs to go around, especially with Zach, who completely rules this movie; from being in a Mexican jail to repelling off the side of Caesar’s Palace with a bed sheet rope, the general tone of the trio really suggests that this is just another chaotic day at the office for these guys.  Like a TV show, which you tune in to see every week, this is just another episode.  Keep an eye out for Melissa McCarthy (“Bridesmaids”) in a small but unusual role as a pawn store clerk that changes Alan’s life.  One thing though: in every movie, Ed Helm’s character usually does something drastic that changes his appearance.  You thought he couldn’t top the tattoo?  You’d be wrong, but to find out what he did, you will have to stay until the end credits.  I guarantee it will be worth it!  Also, one thankful element about this film:  NO MIKE TYSON!  You’re welcome.

5 out of 5 stars.

Check out the trailer for “THE HANGOVER PART III” below:

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