red-2-poster10Bruce Willis as Frank Moses
John Malkovich as Marvin Boggs
Mary-Louise Parker as Sarah Ross
Catherine Zeta-Jones as Miranda Wood
Lee Byung-hun as Han Jo-Bae
Anthony Hopkins as Edward Bradley
Helen Mirren as Victoria
Brian Cox as Ivan Simanov
In theaters July 19

Long after the incidents of the first movie, Frank and Sarah have assumed a quiet suburban existence. Frank is wanting to keep it that way so that Sarah is safe. Sarah is still very much in love with Frank, but she is also craving excitement, so when her and Frank run into Franks former associate Marvin, she just knows there’s something going on and she wants a piece of the action. Marvin ever the conspiracy theorist warns Frank that his life, as well as the lives of their former associates, is in danger Frank takes Marvin’s warning with a grain of salt as Marvin is always spouting off about conspiracies and he’s always sure someone is out to kill him. But Frank soon sees that Marvin is telling the truth.

Decades ago Frank and some of his associates were involved with a top secret covert operation called Nightshade. Now it seems that anyone with a connection to that operation is being eliminated. There is a price on Frank’s head.

Frank goes into survival mode and wants to go off and try to get to the bottom of this threat leaving Sarah behind so that she will be safe. Sarah’s not having it. She wants to stick with Frank no matter what. And the “what” means dodging bullets, hit men, and government agents all across the globe. Frank gathers some of his former colleagues to get to the center of this conspiracy and take down who’s responsible.

With RED 2 , the action starts from the first 20 minutes and never stops. The bullets and the humor both come in rapid succession. Everyone returns for this film except Morgan Freeman whose character was eliminated in the first film. Helen Mirren is sparkling as Victoria, previously retired hit woman who has been re-activated; Brian Cox as Ivan, Russian agent and Victoria’s former lover; John Malkovich as conspiracy crazy Marvin; Mary-Louise Parker as Sarah, ever the square peg that just want to be a part of the gang.

In addition to that gang we have Catherine Zeta Jones as a sultry Russian agent, an old flame of Franks who is eager to rekindle their relationship, but her motives aren’t completely clear; Lee Byung-Hun as a hit man with a huge grudge against Frank, and Anthony Hopkins as a scientist who created the most deadly weapon of mass destruction, but his mental state is to say the least questionable.

I hate to use a cliche like “thrill ride” but, I dare say that RED 2 is one of those rare cases in which the sequel is just as good if not better than the original. I was thoroughly surprised and entertained. If you enjoyed the first movie, you should have no problems with this one. This film can stand alone so it’s not a case where you have to see the first movie to get it, and any time you can see Helen Mirren kicking ass like the BAMF she is, is a good time!! This movie is a blast, literally!! Great summer fun!

5 out of 5 stars.

Check out the trailer for “RED 2” below:

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