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IN A WORLD: “A cute, quirky comedy”

In a World Movie PosterLake Bell as Carol Solomon
Fred Melamed as Sam Soto
Demetri Martin as Louis
Ken Marino as Gustav Warner
Rob Corddry as Moe
Nick Offerman as Heneres
Tig Notaro as Cher
Michaela Watkins as Dani Solomon
In Theaters August 9

Sam Soto is the king of movie trailer voice overs. His daughter Carol (Bell) is a struggling vocal coach and voice over artist in her own right. Her father has not been too supportive of her career. One day Carol nails a job for a voice over for a children’s movie trailer. This puts her in competition for a voice over for an epic movie series trailer in which the studio wants to resurrect the classic phrase “In a world…” which has not been used since Don LaFontaine died. Sam had planned to step aside and let his fellow voice artist and friend Gustav take the job, which was pretty much a lock, but when the studio hears Carol’s voice they think she might be better for the position. Gustav now has to audition for the part since the studio now has talent to chose from.  When Sam hears this, he throws his hat into the ring as well, then it then becomes a competition to see who is the better voice chosen to utter those immortal words “In a world…

The late Don LaFontaine was the master of the movie trailer voice over. He coined the phrase “In a world…” Lake Bell (Children’s Hospital) pays homage to him as well as making a statement about sexism in the voice over field especially when it comes to movie trailers. This is a tour de force for Bell who wrote, produced, and directed this film that won her the best screenplay prize at Sundance Film Festival this year.  Bell got the idea for this story when she noticed that there are virtually no movie trailers that feature a female voice. The only exception was the trailer for Gone In 60 Seconds. Bell is joined in this film by some very funny people: Rob Corddry, her co star from Children’s Hospital, Demitri Martin, her adorkable love interest, sometime Sara Silverman collaborator Tig Notaro, Parks and Recreation‘s Nick Offerman.  A few other celebrities also make appearances including Geena Davis, Cameron Diaz, and Eva Longoria.

In A World is a cute, quirky comedy that gives you a look into the world of voice over artists. I think this is a very funny and enjoyable film. Well worth a look.

5 out of 5 stars

Check out the trailer for “IN A WORLD” below:

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