GRAVITY : “THAT is the most exciting the movie gets”

Gravity Movie PosterSandra Bullock as Dr. Ryan Stone
George Clooney as Matt Kowalski
In theaters October 4

Dr. Ryan Stone and Matt Kowalski are part of a team on a spacewalk repairing a satellite. This is Dr. Stone’s first time in space and she is a little nervous, but becoming acclimated. This mission marks veteran astronaut Kowalski’s last space mission and he is calmly in control. Just another day at the office for him, until out of nowhere they are hit by flying debris that destroys the equipment they are working on and attached to. The incident kills one of their team members. Stone and Kowalski are flung into space. Kowalski tries to calm Stone’s panic so that they can regroup and find a way back to safety. Kowalski who was wearing a thruster pack gets to Dr. Stone and they make their way back to their shuttle, which they find has been damaged by the debris, killing the entire crew. Kowalski decides their only course of action is to make their way to the international space station and take one of its escape pods to make it back to Earth. Their air and thruster power are running out and they only have a short amount of time before the debris field that is orbiting the Earth comes back. How will they survive the odds and make it back to solid ground, or are they doomed to drift for eternity?

In an old school science fiction way, Gravity may please some. This movie has moments that are tense and exciting. The trailers pretty much take all the exciting and pulse pounding scenes and puts them together. Be warned THAT is the most exciting this movie gets. In between those moments it was a struggle to hold my attention. Sandra Bullock is as always strong and amazing. I love her! I have never seen her give a bad performance. If you are a fan of hers, Gravity will not disappoint, but this film to me was just very boring. George Clooney was little more than a set piece, albeit a necessary one. The only saving graces to me were Ms. Bullock and the fact that this was in 3D. At least the visuals were stunning and served to try and put you in the vastness of space, but other than that. Big yawn. Save your money for Netflix on this one guys.

2 out of 5 Stars

Check out the trailer for “GRAVITY” below:

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