Sound Check with Bill Coleman

—Written by JC Alvarez

Bill Coleman’s influence in dance music spans three decades. Through his music label, Peace Bisquit, he aims to keep the pulse of house beating stronger than ever in 2014.

Bill ColemanColeman was always attracted to music. After graduating college, he interned at Island Records during the imprint’s most influential era, promoting rock star Melissa Etheridge and Grace Jones’ hit album Slave to the Rhythm.

He then landed a position with the nation’s most prestigious music industry periodical Billboard Magazine. As Dance Music Editor, he became one of the most respected voices in house, even writing the liner notes for ’80s artists Thompson Twins and the girl group Exposé.

In the late ’90s he launched Peace Bisquit as a management firm. Among his first successful acts were Ultra Naté and Deee-Lite, two artists who yielded some of the biggest international club hits of the time with “Free” and “Groove Is In The Heart.”

Since then, he has extended Peace Bisquit’s reach by providing the soundtrack to cult films like “Party Girl” starring Parker Posey, “Party Monster,” “Inside Deep Throat” (a collaboration with Academy Award winning producer Brian Grazer), and the “Another Gay Movie” franchise. Most recently, Peace Bisquit has curated music for the new Broadway smash, After Midnight.

Coleman has also worked with some of the most powerful stars in music including Bette Midler, Madonna, Beyoncé, RuPaul, Lenny Kravitz, Crystal Waters, and Donna Summer. He created original works for Sinead O’Connor and co-produced Jody Watley’s newest single, “Nightlife.” He also introduced vocal powerhouse Chris Willis to the world.  Willis’ collaborations with David Guetta on “Love Is Gone,” “Just A Little More Love,” and “Getting’ Over You” continue to play on dance floors across the globe.That’s not all. Bill Coleman has represented and collaborated with some of the most influential DJ/remixers of our day, including NERVO, David Morales, Todd Terry, Roger Sanchez, Tony Moran, Frankie Knuckles, and WAWA. He has also heavily influenced gay club culture. Bill Coleman is the man behind such nightlife personalities as Amanda Lepore, hip-hop’s gay rapper Cazwell, and adult film star turned crooner, Colton Ford.This month, Bill Coleman will release his most ambitious project yet, LOVE + SEXO: A Peace Bisquit Compilation. The album will feature exclusive and brand new releases from the cast of Peace Bisquit including Michelle Williams (of Destiny’s Child), Ultra Naté, Colton Ford, Cazwell, Amanda Lepore, Mya and the ever-soulful Angie Stone; proof that even in 2014, there will be no parking on Bill Coleman’s dance floor. Visit

Bill Coleman:

  • Danced with Lady Gaga
  • Toured with Jody Watley and the comedy troupe Kids in The Hall
  • Is featured on the very first Seduction 12″ single release
  • Scored two top-10 club singles (“Activator (You Need Some)” and “Know You Can”) with Louie “Balo” Guzman as Whatever, Girl
  • Appears in Paul Vitagliano’s critically acclaimed book collection of LGBT portrait essays, “Born This Way”
  • Danced in MC Lyte’s old school hip-hop video classic, “Lyte As A Rock.”
  • Managed World Of Wonder’s Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey’s (the production duo behind RuPaul’s Drag Race) underrated early ’90’s music endeavor “The Pop Tarts.”

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