ENDLESS LOVE: “A Pepsi Commercial”

Alex Pettyfer as David Elliot
Gabriella Wilde as Jade Butterfield
Robert Patrick as Harry Elliot
Bruce Greenwood as Hugh Butterfield
Joley Richardson as Ann Butterfield
In theaters February 14
3 out of 5 stars

Seventeen-year old Jade Butterfield just graduated from high school and is getting ready for a summer internship in cardiac medicine. Jade is a quiet and sheltered young woman who does not have any friends due to keeping to herself in high school after the death of her older brother. David Elliot is a young man who graduated in Jade’s class. He has had a crush on her all through High School, but he’s never had the guts to approach her. Once they do meet and finally speak, sparks begin to fly, much to the chagrin of Jade’s father who does not care for David in the least, but has to put up with him for the sake of his daughter who is beginning to come out of her shell and experience life. Jade and David fall in love, hard. They are each other’s first love. As they continue to grow closer, Jade’s father is determined to limit what he sees as David’s influence over his daughter. Hugh Butterfield has clear plans for his daughter all mapped out, and nothing’s going to derail them, especially not a poor, non-college bound valet with a police record. But the more Hugh tries to pull them apart, the more Jade finds a way to be with David and the more their love grows. Will their relationship stand up against the constant resistance and interference by her father? Will they ever find a way to be together forever?

This film bears little resemblance to the 1981 film that starred Brooke Shields and gave us the Diana Ross/Lionel Richie chart-topper. Endless Love is billed as a remake, but is more a re-imagining of the story. The story has been gutted entirely. Where the original was a story of unhealthy psychotic obsession, this version is about a sweet and positive first young love with classic elements: rich sheltered girl; poor, rough-around-the-edges boy; and all that conspires to keep them apart. This film bubbles with all the joy of self discovery, all the joy of youth. Moments of joy and celebration of that discovery of love and youth are presented with the exuberance of a Pepsi commercial in moments with an overpowering indie rock soundtrack from bands like Drop City Yacht Club and Teegan and Sara.

Sweet, sentimental, and predictable this may make a good date movie. I would say if you can sit through any teen angst-y drama on the CW, you can sit through this. In fact, if this movie becomes popular,  I wouldn’t be surprised if they spawn their own remake of it  for the network.

Check out the trailer for “ENDLESS LOVE” below:


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