THREE DAYS TO KILL: “His Best Bruce Willis Impression”

Three days to kill movie posterKevin Costner as Ethan Renner
Hailee Steinfeld as Zoey Renner
Amber Heard as Vivi Delay
Connie Nielsen as Christine Renner
Richard Samuel as The Wolf

3 out of 5
In theaters February 21

Ethan Renner is a top CIA operative who’s been in the game for a long time. While on assignment to capture a much-wanted terrorist and arms dealer known as The Wolf, an explosive confrontation takes place leaving Ethan literally chasing down a major player in the arms deal. Ethan suddenly falls ill and cannot continue the chase. He passes out. When he comes to in the hospital he is told that he is terminally ill. Doctors give him three to five months to live. The CIA then cuts ties and Ethan goes into retirement. Before Ethan shuffles off this mortal coil, he decides he would like to reconnect to his estranged daughter—a daughter he has not seen in five years because of his work. His dedication to his work has also destroyed his marriage. He carefully approaches his ex, Christine, about seeing Zoey, his daughter. Christine is less than enthusiastic, but agrees that Zoey should see and get to know her father. Zoey is not all that enthusiastic about reuniting with daddy. She’s a little tough cookie who’s not a little girl any more, but it’s clear that she does need a little guidance. When Christine has to leave the country for a business trip, Ethan suggests staying with Zoey. Christine is wary, but agrees only because Ethan swears that he is no longer working for the CIA.

While reconnecting and getting to know his daughter, Ethan is contacted by a ruthless, eccentric CIA operative named Vivi. Vivi was the point agent who put together the op to capture The Wolf, but everything fell through. You see there are no pictures of The Wolf. Vivi needs Ethan to track down The Wolf because she thinks Ethan has seen him so he can identify him. Vivi wants Ethan to kill him. Ethan has no interest in coming back into the game especially since he is trying to reconnect with his family. Vivi couldn’t care less, all she wants is results. She offers Ethan access to a new experimental drug that can treat his illness and quite possibly lengthen his life expectancy. If he does the job, he gets the drug. Ethan reluctantly agrees. He has three days to kill The Wolf without his family becoming any the wiser and without dying in the process.

In Three Days To Kill, Kevin Costner is trying to pull off what so many middle-aged actors are also trying to: Aging Bad-ass. He looks surprisingly fit in this role, but I admit, to me it seemed like he was trying to pull off his best Bruce Willis impression, because this could easily be his movie. The truly interesting character of the piece is Vivi. Amber Heard plays Vivi with all the flare and costuming of a Bond villain in training. There is a twisted mind at work there.

Kevin’s balancing act of devoted daddy and deadly assassin in some instances has slight comic overtones, but overall is somewhat palatable and surprising, that is if you can buy Kevin Costner as an aging bad-ass. While it’s not a must see, it’s not that bad. You can wait for Netflix on this one.

Check out the trailer for “THREE DAYS TO KILL” below:

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