CUBAN FURY: “Cute and quirky.”

Cuban Fury PosterNick Frost as Bruce
Rashida Jones as Julia
Chris O’Dowd as Drew
Olivia Coleman as Sam
Ian McShane as Ron
In theaters April 11

5 out of 5

Bruce Garrett used to be a boy with a dream and fire in his heels. In the mid 80s he and his sister Sam were among the top junior Salsa dancers in the UK. They rose to the ranks killing at every major dance competition on the circuit, until one fateful day in1987 when they were about to compete in the UK Junior Salsa National Championship. As Bruce was on his way to the competition, he was viciously bullied and attacked by a pack of thugs. That incident totally devastated a thirteen-year old Bruce and changed the course his life. He burned his shoes, closed the door on dancing forever, and never looked back. Twenty-five years later, Bruce is an overweight, quiet, and unconfident man. He has no excitement in his life except as a designer of mechanical factory equipment. He lives a careful, joyless, lonely life. Enter his new boss Julia, a beautiful, smart, American woman, who is definitely out of his league (“She’s a 10, I’m a 2”). As she begins to get to know everyone on her team, Bruce is slightly smitten, but figures he wouldn’t stand a chance with her. Bruce would have to overcome his crushing lack of confidence, but he also has to contend with the office team leader and resident ladies’-man, Drew, already setting his sights on her. Drew, who is a constant thorn in Bruce’s side, is a smarmy Lothario who has the moves and the rap to impress the ladies. Bruce can barely bring himself to speak to her. Then one day Bruce discovers that she has a secret passion for Salsa dancing. This could be a way for him to get closer to her, but it has been a long time since he put on a pair of Cuban heels and danced. Still, something in him is telling him to try again. He needs to get his mojo back, but he realizes he’s been out of the game too long and he needs help. For that he turns to his old dance teacher and mentor, Ron. Bruce slowly begins to rediscover his passion, but will he be able to fully regain his confidence and win Julia’s heart?

Cuban Fury is a cute and quirky romantic comedy written by Jon Brown, based on an idea by Nick Frost. Nick Frost is usually in the company of his long time comedic partner Simon Pegg (Shaun Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz, The World’s End), but this time Frost takes the spotlight (although there is a very small cameo appearance by Pegg). Aside from Rashida Jones (Parks And Recreation, The Office, Boston Public), Cuban Fury is full of familiar faces for the UK audience, but maybe not that familiar here in the States. Chris O’Dowd is better known as one of the resident nerds in The IT Crowd, but he has also appeared in Bridesmaids and Thor: The Dark World. Olivia Coleman, who plays Bruce’s sister is better known for her role in the British television crime drama Broadchurch with David Tennant, but she also starred in The Iron Lady with Meryl Streep. Long time favorite Ian McShane rounds out the cast as Bruce’s former dance teacher. Ian is widely known for his titular role in the BBC comedy-drama Lovejoy and also Al Swearengen in the HBO drama Deadwood and the short-lived NBC drama Kings.

Cuban Fury is a great date movie, but I find it’s also a story about redemption and about reclaiming your life. It’s also about not letting anyone steal your joy. Oh sure it’s a little contrived, but come on, so are all romantic comedies. What matters is that Cuban Fury will leave you with a good feeling and the soundtrack will definitely have you moving in your seat. This one’s a keeper.

Check out the trailer for “CUBAN FURY” below:

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