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Brick Mansions: “She obviously has big cojones.”

Brick Mansions Movie PosterPaul Walker as Damien Collier
David Belle as Lino Dupree
RZA as Tremaine Alexander
Ayisha Issa as Rayzah
Catalina Denis as Lola
5 out of 5
In theaters April 25

In 2018 the city of Detroit is declared the most dangerous city in the United States, so dangerous that all of the most hardcore criminal population is moved into the poor area of abandoned housing projects dubbed Brick Mansions. Brick Mansions is a walled off area of the city that is guarded by the military. No one in or out without authorization. Drug dealer Tremaine Alexander (RZA) rules with an iron fist. Anyone who crosses him or his crew pays with their lives. Undercover narcotics detective, Damien Collier, (Walker) is a second generation cop who always gets his man. He’s known for taking down some of the biggest drug lords, but he has never been able to nail Tremaine. He has an ax to grind with Tremaine, who was responsible for the death of his father. Tremaine has stolen a device from the military that could mean the deaths of thousands of people. The mayor of Detroit is sending Damien into Brick Mansions to retrieve it and to bring Tremaine to justice. Damien’s only inside help is another resident of the Mansions, Lino Dupree (Belle), a convicted cop killer. Tremaine has a bone to pick with Lino since he hijacked and destroyed a significant amount of Tremaine’s product to keep it off the streets. In retaliation, Tremaine has captured and is holding Lino’s ex-girlfriend hostage. The clock is literally ticking for the city. Damien has his work cut out for him, but will his thirst for revenge against Tremaine cloud his judgment and jeopardize his mission?

Brick Mansions is one of the last films of the beloved action star Paul Walker. His performance in this film is a fitting legacy and does not disappoint, but his co-star David Belle is definitely the one to watch. Belle is poetry in motion as he fights his way through and evades his enemies. Among his many talents, Belle is a stunt coordinator and one of the founders of Parkour. Brick Mansions is Parkour gold. Walker does his best to keep up, but Belle conquers the environment so smoothly it’s dizzying to watch, totally stunning. Former Wu-Tang Clan rapper turned actor RZA gives a lukewarm performance as the baddie. Though he was seemingly so ruthless he could have been a little more maniacal. One of his crew members Rayzah (Ayisha Issa) was deliciously sadistic. She obviously has big cojones. You wonder why she’s working for him. Detroiters will get a kick out of it just because of the content, but don’t believe all you see. Some of the fly over shots of downtown are Detroit, but the movie was actually shot in Montreal. The overall impression of this film seemed as if it had been lifted from a graphic novel or comic book. Even so, it is still very entertaining. For a nice shot of adrenaline and fun Brick Mansions is worth seeing.

Check out the trailer for “BRICK MANSIONS” below:

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