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Company Freak KingLe Disco Social, the new EP from the dance music super group Company Freak is a throwback to 1970s disco—yet with a modern flair being compared to Daft Punk. The EP is made up of seven retro tracks, including “Andre Leon Talley” (the dance-floor anthem that celebrates individualism and pays tribute to the Vogue Magazine icon) and a remake of Sylvester’s “Do Ya Wanna Funk.”

“I grew up on disco,” explains lead singer Jason King. “Back when music on the radio had arrangement, structure, drama, sophistication, and style. I wanted to bring that back.”

Le Disco Social’s sound recalls the freewheeling sounds of Studio 54 and the Paradise Garage when bands  like Chic and Midnight Star ruled the airwaves and the dance floor.

The EP begins with a spirited theme song. “I wanted a big, bold, cinematic statement to open the record,”  says King. “Something that announced that we are here!”

Once whisked into the world of Company Freak, listeners are catapulted on a funk-a-licious ride through  Andre Leon Talley” and “Sexaholic,” followed by “Istanbul Disco,” a song King recorded while visiting Turkey. It features an incredible introduction played on a Turkish instrument called a kanun.

 From there, listeners are drawn into an innovative re-imagining of Sylvester’s “Do Ya Wanna Funk,” with vocals by Shayna Steele from NBC’s Smash. Then it’s on to “Crackdown,” a song King penned as a nod to that segment of funk that took on seventies politics. “I wanted a track that captured the feeling of unease and mistrust people felt toward their governments. I think it’s applicable to a lot of different national contexts: crackdowns are happening everywhere even now.”

The concluding track on Le Disco Social is the mid-tempo ballad, “Seasons Change.” According to King, all the great disco albums of the past had at least one ballad. “The song has that early 1980s Prince/ Minneapolis sound,” adds King. “It’s wistful and a great way to end the album.”

Ultimately, the idea for the EP was to bring people together through music, dance and good feelings. “That is why we named the record Le Disco Social,” King says.“It’s a global dance party.”

Company Freak’s debut full-length album is slated for release by the end of the year. For more information, visit

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