Deliver Us From Evil: “An unusual story and unusual movie”

Deliver Us From Evil Movie PosterEric Bana as Ralph Sarchie
Edgar Ramirez as Mendoza
Olivia Munn as Jen Sarchie
Joel McHale as Butler
In theaters July 2
5 out of 5

Ralph Sarchie is a hard-boiled NYPD cop who has seen his fair share of the evil that men do. He has a nose for particularly difficult cases that his partner calls his “radar.” One day Sarchie’s radar pulls him into a case of a seemingly deranged woman who throws her child into an animal habitat at the Bronx Zoo. When they apprehend her she is babbling in gibberish and fragments of Doors songs, repeating the phrase “break on through.” This case is just the beginning of a string of crimes and unusual paranormal events that began when three soldiers in the Iraq war encountered a mysterious underground temple. What they experienced inside that temple infected them and they brought that evil back home with them.

As Ralph begins to unravel the mystery he crosses paths with a priest named Mendoza who tells Ralph that these crimes are of a spiritual and demonic nature. Ralph, a lapsed Catholic, is beyond skeptical and dismisses the Padre. However, as Ralph continues investigating, he realizes his family is beginning to experience some of the same paranormal activity and that maybe Mendoza is right. The two join forces to get at the heart of the case that ends up becoming a deeply entrenched demonic possession that needs exorcism. Mendoza also helps Ralph comes to grips with his past to save his soul and the souls of his family.

Deliver Us From Evil is an unusual mix of horror movie, crime drama, and bio-pic. It is this mix that interestingly keeps you engaged. This film is based on a book Beware The Night, written by the real Ralph Sarchie about his experiences with the supernatural on the job. The horror angle is liberally peppered in. There are sufficient jump scares and oh-so-creepy and gory gross-out moments. For a while there, it kind of feels like your in a game of “Silent Hill.” I’d call this The Exorcist meets NYPD Blue.

Australian actor Eric Bana is believable as an NYPD cop. His accent is on point. The biggest surprise to me here is Community‘s Joel McHale as Ralph’s partner Butler, a hard-bodied bad ass! You heard me right, the skinny nerd has put on some muscle and he uses it well to kick ass and take names. I hardly recognized him. Attack of the Show‘s Olivia Munn also gives a very good, grounded performance as Jen Sarchie, Ralph’s wife.

An unusual story and unusual movie. Only slightly predictable, but very, very entertaining. I’ll certainly never hear a Doors song the same way again.

Check out the trailer for “DELIVER US FROM EVIL” below:


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