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Hercules: “Smell what Herc is cooking”

hercules_ver2_xlgDwayne Johnson as Hercules
John Hurt as Cotys
Rufus Sewell as Autolycus
Ian McShane as Amphiaraus
Ingrid Bolso Bedral as Atalanta
Rebecca Ferguson as Ergenia
Joseph Fiennes as King Eurystheus
Tobias Santelemann as Rhesus

In theaters July 25

4 out of 5

Hercules, son of Zeus and a mortal woman, has since completed his legendary twelve labors and is now a leader of a band of warriors for hire—mercenaries. He has renounced his demigod status and lives his life as a mortal. One day he and his group are approached by a woman named Ergenia at the behest of her father, Lord Cotys. Lord Cotys’ domain is being threatened by a ruthless warlord named Rhesus. Cotys offers Hercules and his cohorts their weight in gold if they will help Cotys’ army defeat Rhesus. Hercules has his work cut out for him because the men are poorly trained and not up to the challenge. Once they are trained Hercules leads them into battle. Once the enemy is defeated, Hercules finds out that Lord Cotys is not who he seems to be. There has been a betrayal of trust and a deception pulled that leaves Hercules with a crisis of conscience. Lord Cotys also revealed that he has an ally who is a part of Hercules’ past. Hercules is haunted by his past with visions of the family that he lost, possibly by his own hand—a mystery that torments him. Hercules must fight his personal demons to clear his name, unburden his conscience and to to set right what Lord Cotys has put into motion.

WWE wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson dons the legendary loincloth of the Greek demigod in this adaptation of Hercules based on the comic series created by Radical Publishing. Directed by Brent Ratner (Rush Hour trilogy, X-Men: The Last Stand, Red Dragon), this film is nice new spin on an old favorite. Dwayne is joined in the cast by some great talent: John Hurt (Alien, V for Vendetta, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows), Joseph Fiennes (Shakespeare In Love, “American Horror Story: Asylum”), Rufus Sewell (A Knight’s Tale, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter), and the always wonderful Ian McShane (Deadwood, Cuban Fury). Don’t expect Oscar-caliber performances here. This is your basic sword and sandal, heroes and villains action adventure. The combat sequences are choreographed well and don’t miss a beat. This is a very entertaining film. I felt as if I were watching one long episode of Spartacus, which in my book is just fine. Plus, you get to see Dwayne Johnson half naked for ninety minutes and there’s nothing wrong with that! As with most films these days, Hercules is in 3D and IMAX. Total waste of the extra few dollars. To me,  it really didn’t enhance the visuals that much. The movie would still be just as kick ass without it, but if you want to do the 3D, it’s cool. So grab a bucket of popcorn and get ready to smell what Herc is cooking.

Check out the trailer for “HERCULES” below:

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