Home-Movie-PosterRihanna as “Tip” Tucci

Jim Parsons as Oh

Jennifer Lopez as Lucy Tucci

Steve Martin as Captain Smek


In theaters March 27

5 out of 5


The Boov are a cute and funny little race of aliens that have become great at hiding. They hide because they are being perused across the galaxy by their mortal enemy the Gorg who are hell-bent on finding the Boov wherever they take refuge and then destroy the planet that they were hiding on. So the Boov hop from planet to planet in hopes that the next time they move the Gorg will not find them. For their next move, the Boov choose a little planet in the Milky Way Galaxy, third from the sun: Earth. The problem is that Earth is inhabited with humans, whom the Boov see more as children and not very capable, so according to the Boov leader (voiced by Steve Martin), the plan is to move all the humans to Australia and appropriate the rest of the planet. One particular Boov named Oh, is very happy and enthusiastic about moving day, in fact he’s happy and enthusiastic about everything. Much to everyone’s chagrin. You see, the Boov do not understand the concepts of friendship or family and Oh is extremely annoying to them, in fact most of them go out of their way to avoid him, but being the eternal optimist, he doesn’t know that. Even though the Boov are charmingly misguided about the human race, they have beyond powerful technology for teleportation and detection, to teleport them and clear out the city,  but as  they were clearing out New York City, they left behind Tip, a little girl who goes into hiding to cope with the loss of her mom. As the Boov are getting settled into their new digs, Oh plans a blowout “warming of the house” party and he sends everyone an E-vite. And when I say everyone I mean this E-vite went out to everyone in the galaxy, which means the Gorg will receive it in a matter of days unless someone can find a way to stop it. Oh has made several mistakes, but this one is the last straw for the Boov leader who declares that Oh must be erased. Oh becomes a fugitive and must find a way to stop the message from reaching the Gorg. Tip decides to flee the city to find her mother. The two become unlikely traveling companions as they try to solve their respective problems. Along the way, Oh learns what it means to have a friend and begins to understand what the concept of family is all about.

There is only one word to describe Home and that word is: delightful! Full of color and imagination,<em> Home </em>is a very fresh story with familiar themes. It’s not every day you see a female protagonist, especially one of color, and Tip (voiced by pop singer Rhianna) is a feisty, never-say-die bundle of joy without being sickeningly annoying. Oh (voiced by Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons) is only slightly annoying because he is so clueless, but then again the Boov are all slightly clueless, especially where humans are concerned. Oh is in need of connection, something that the Boov do not have. The Boov exist together, but they do not have meaningful social interactions like friendships or family. As Oh starts to understand these things, he also discovers why the Gorg have been chasing his people and he may have a solution to the problem, but can he save his people and help Tip find her mother before he’s erased from existence?

Home is a very entertaining film for the entire family. Please do not hesitate to take any little sisters or nieces to see this. It’s not every day you see a female protagonist in family entertainment or animation, especially one of color, and I think that is something very much worth celebrating. I also recommend the soundtrack which includes new music from Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez, who voices Tip’s mom. The soundtrack is bright and upbeat and moves the story along without being overpowering.

Check out the trailer for “HOME” below:

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