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Written by Jeremy Trombino—


Big Dipper doesn’t see himself as a comedian. He isn’t making music as a joke, nor is he a parody of a rapper. “I’m an entertainer,” he insists, “…a performer, a rapper, a writer, a video director. I’m not a clown.”

He makes music and videos that he wants to see out in the world.Big, exciting, sleek, polished, sexy, fun, and yes, sometimes funny: that is the Dipper aesthetic.

A ton of hard work goes into his act
 and he has accumulated thousands of die-hard fans from hits like “Skank,” “Meat Quotient,” and “Drip Drop”. However, he gets his share of negativity too, especially online, and usually about his weight.

He pays no mind. He’s the first to admit that he doesn’t look like a typical rapper or the characteristic gay man. A Big Dipper show is unlike anything people have ever seen; and that’s part of what makes it “Extra Good,” which just happens to be the name of his new EP.

The album’s first single is “Vibin,” out now. He compares the song to Nicki Minaj’s “Starships” because it is universal and radio friendly.  “It has real crossover potential,” he says.

We caught up with the gay bear rapper at his Brooklyn home to discuss more.

So should all skinny bitches go to hell?

(Laughing) No way! I’m here for every kind of body. Just trying to give us big boys a little shine. The skinny people can take a water break, maybe have a seat for a second and let us thick people take center stage for a moment, but I love everyone.

Today’s world celebrates thin bodies and washboard abs.  How is your music changing that?

I don’t know that my music is changing things. I simply try to put myself out there and show off my natural thick, wide, curvy, hairy, big body and do it confidently. I’ve always felt bad for that person at the pool who wears a shirt over their body when they go swimming. I mean, I get it, it sucks to be insecure and unhappy with the way you look but the more you just embrace what you got and serve confidence, the better off you’ll be.

What do you love most about your curves?

I’m not sure. Maybe the attention I get. It’s nice that people appreciate my body. I like my thick legs and thighs too.

Were you always so confident in your skin?

Nope. I grew into my confidence and that had everything to do with being creative and performing and the reaction from my shows. I travel around the country and basically strip down to my jock strap at every show.

Do you worry that some people may get the wrong idea about your act?  That it’s some sort of sex show?

Sure, some people might be too closed minded to understand its entertainment and meant to be fun. Most of what we see from pop stars and mainstream rappers is highly sexualized, its just masked in metaphor and when attributed to heterosexuality, no one has a problem. But I have lyrics that say “everyday I wake up and do the same shit, get coffee and suck dick,” and it’s too blatant for some people. They think it’s like porn. Those people need to open their brains up a bit more.

Let’s talk about the new EP, Extra Good.

The record is about having a good time, an extra good time. It’s basically the full cycle of a night out. I talk about partying and getting “Ridiklus” on the dance floor, meeting someone and really “Vibin’” with them, showing off your skills and being “Good At Sex,” getting flirty and teasing your boo till they “Wish You Would” seal the deal. The EP closes with “Cute2Me,” about being really playful, fun and cute.

It’s a pop record.

Very poppy! It’s all sort of hip-pop music with catchy hooks and lots to sing along to. I go in on the verses. There are some really dope lyrics that I’m proud of. It’s good to listen to, even better to dance to.

What should we know about the first single, Vibin’? 

We wanted to make a radio friendly pop track that was perfect for the summer. It’s catchy and the video we made for it is everything.

Let’s talk about the video.

The idea developed when we were coming up with good photo scenarios. I fell in love with the idea of a man mermaid and wanted to explore it further in a video.

A mer-bear washing up on the beach is pretty damn funny.

We really went there with a hyper realistic silicone tail, a huge beard and long Poseidon-like hair, sexy dancing sailors, and a crazy all day shoot on location at a remote beach. This is the largest production I’ve ever been a part of.

So you don’t normally run around with a huge beard and a fish tail?

I do love my swimming attire! But I’ve grown to a point where I’m really only interested in speedos. They fit me nice, they are great for getting sun all over my body; they’re easy to swim in, compact for traveling and most of ‘em dry really fast in the sun. Plus, a speedo on a man is sexy, so I want to put that out in the world.

What else do you do to keep yourself fresh and sexy?

I shower, face wash, scrub my taint. After the shower, I cover myself in a good layer of lotion, scent-free. I like to keep myself as soft and lubed up as possible, especially in the summer. I comb my beard and mustache, keep my nails trimmed nicely and always try and have a fresh haircut, so I don’t look unkempt.

Will this be a busy summer for Big Dipper?

I’ll be promoting the hell out of my new album. I’m playing a bunch of shows, traveling all over, and preparing more videos for the fall. The album took me two years to make so I have to make it count. I’m obsessed.


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