Sound Check with Cherie Lily

Written by Mike Firestone—


Cherie Lily’s “I Like It” is another high energy, pumped up track produced by legendary ballroom DJ Vjuan Allure.

“I got the inspiration for “I Like It” from teaching fitness classes,” says Lily from her home in New York.  “I wanted to capture that feeling when you lock into the momentum of an athletic pulse, and your endorphins start juicing, and you begin to feel really hot. When you get to that place, your whole body begins to buzz and a tremendous feeling comes over you – you can’t help but like it.”

DJ Vjuan Allure created the song’s landscape around an a cappella Lily sent him.  “He’s a musical visionary,” declares Lily.  “On top of being insanely talented, he has an incredibly open-minded vibe that I can relate to.  I’m blessed to be able to collaborate with the greatness of Vjuan.”

The two met at the 2009 Xtravaganza Moda Ball at NYC’s Irving Plaza.  Lily remembers being immediately drawn in by Vjuan.  “He has a twinkle in his eyes and a smile that melts hearts. I fell completely head over heels in love the minute I met him.”

Theirs is a professional relationship, however.  Cherie Lily already has a man.  She’s married to heavy metal rocker Andrew W.K., who appears in the “I Like It” music video.

So how does love between a disco girl and rock icon happen?

“Music is one of the things that binds us together,” explains Lily. “Andrew is extremely thoughtful and has a deep love for all kinds of music.”

They’re very supportive of one another’s careers.  Cherie can often be found singing and head banging next to her husband on stage at his live shows.  They also enjoy laughing together at 3am in their home studio over outrageous song ideas.

It’s not all fun and games, though. The music business is highly competitive and Cherie wants everyone to know that she is a competitor. Her fighting spirit is depicted in the “I Like It” music video, in a scene where she battles a mixed martial arts fighter for supremacy.  “I used to be a competitive snowboarder,” she explains.   “Back then, there were no other girls to compete against, so I would compete with the boys. I was bullied for being a girl in a male dominated sport, but it made me stronger and, many times, I would kick their ass.”

Lily also manages to add the empowering message of ‘it’s never too late to pick up fitness’ into the video. The Aquadettes, a group of elderly women who compete in the sport of synchronized swimming, are prominently featured. “They prove with their grace and powerful skills that you can kill it at any age,” says Lily.

Of Iranian descent, Cherie Lily was born and raised outside of Chicago. She launched her music career at seventeen, playing guitar for different punk and hardcore bands.  At about the same time, she signed up for her first gym membership, sparking what would become a second love for her.  “I am obsessed with fitness,” she says.   “When I work my body, I feel strong, confident, sexy and alive.  I’m a true fitness enthusiast.”

In 2002, she moved to NYC and put together a punk band called SPANK, playing rhythm guitar and singing lead vocals.  She also wrote all the material for the band. At the same time, Cherie played guitar in an all girl hard-core group called Skizonation. When she was kicked out of Skizonation (because she didn’t have tattoos), she started a more alternative punk band called FLüRT.

Around that time, she met the man that would become her husband.  In 2005, she left FLüRT to join Andrew’s band fulltime as his female vocalist and hype woman.  Meanwhile, on the side, she began producing dance music as a solo artist.

Cherie is currently working on additional music, including new tracks with Vjuan Allure, as well as other collaborations.  “’I Like It’ is a taste to wet fans’ appetites,” she says.  “I hope they enjoy it as much as I do!”

“I Like It” is available on iTunes.   For more information on Cherie Lily, visit her official website


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