whiskey-tango-foxtrot-WTF_1-Sht_Payoff_rgbTina Fey as Kim Baker

Margot Robbie as Tanya Vanderpoel

Martin Freeman as Iain MacKelpie

Christopher Abbott as Fahim Ahmadzai

Billy Bob Thornton as Gen. Hollanek, US Marine Corps

Alfred Molina as Ali Massoud Sadiq


In theaters March 4


5 out of 5


Kim Baker (Fey) is a copy writer for a newspaper. Her routine of coming up with fluff content day in and day out is beginning to leave her feeling a little professionally unfulfilled. Then an opportunity comes up to take an assignment reporting in Afghanistan. After thinking about it, Kim decides that she really needs a change, besides the assignment is only for three months. After discussing it by Skype with her absent boyfriend, Kim packs her bags and flies to Kabul. A whole world of culture shock greets her as she manages to get settled in at the residence that houses the other journalists that are there to report on the war. Learning the ropes of different cultures both of the country and of the mismatched horde her fellow journalists proves an unusual challenge, but Kim begins to find her way becoming a capable war correspondent.   Her three month assignment turns into several years. In that time Kim reports on a variety of topics and people, from drug kingpins to the former Prime Minister of Pakistan (Molina) who shamelessly tries repeatedly to seduce her.   Through all her adventures she still tries to maintain a connection with her estranged boyfriend back in the states, but that falls through. Enter Scottish photojournalist Iain MacKelpie (Freeman). After a reluctant and slow burn, the two begin a casual relationship, but just as it begins to get a little closer, Iain, who was in the wrong place at the wrong time gets kidnapped by a fringe group and is going to be ransomed. Time is of the essence as Kim uses every connection at her disposal to save Iain’s life and to keep a foothold on her position as the news network she is reporting for is beginning to withdraw support because the American public is not as interested in the Afghanistan war as they once were.   In light of that revelation, Kim begins to make some new decisions about the direction she wants to go in her career, her life.


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is based on journalist Kim Barker’s memoir of her time as a war correspondent in Afghanistan beginning in 2003. I know when you think Tina Fey you think flat out comedy, but while WTF has comedic moments, like life, there’s more drama than you think. I found it a very interesting film, almost with the feel of a modern day M*A*S*H*. The chemistry of Fey and Freeman is very charming.  They make a very cute couple. Comedic moments aside, WTF gives you a look inside the war itself. It gives you a look at the lives of the people whose job it is to tell the world what is happening in the warzone and in the country.   With solid performances from the cast that are just a touch above character sketches, WTF is not a rom-com, but it is humorous and could make a good date movie. The trailer that is being seen now does not do this movie justice. It’s being marketed all wrong and I fear that will cost them at the box office. The trailer below is a more accurate depiction of the tone of the film.  It is a good film, but for some with short attention spans it might be a little tedious because you actually need to pay attention and understand what’s going on around these characters.   If you can handle that, I think you will have a great time.


Check out the trailer for “WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT” below:

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