loganHugh Jackman as James “Logan” Howlett / Wolverine and X-24
Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier / Professor X
Richard E. Grant as Zander Rice
Boyd Holbrook as Donald Pierce
Stephen Merchant as Caliban
Dafne Keen as Laura
Elizabeth Rodriguez as Gabriella, a nurse for Transigen.
Eriq La Salle as Will Munson, the father of a family who helps Logan, Charles, and Laura.
Elise Neal as Kathryn Munson, Will’s wife.




In theatres March 3
5 out of 5


It is 2029. Logan aka Wolverine is making a living as a limo driver while he cares for an aging, senile Charles Xavier. He also hustles for anti seizure medication for Charles. Professor Xavier is suffering from dementia which causes him to have seizures that can rip a mutant brain apart as well as having devastating consequences on the rest of humanity anywhere in the vicinity. Logan is also having issues with his health. He is not able to heal as quickly any more and his eyesight might be going as well. He and Charles are living in an abandoned factory on the Mexican border with Caliban, another mutant who is helping him care for the professor. Logan’s only goal is to keep his head down and make enough cash so that he and Charles can buy a yacht so they can live at sea away from the rest of the world. Then one day a mysterious woman who has been shadowing Logan begs his help in transporting her an a little girl, Laura, to a place of safety. They are on the run from what was a secret medical lab that was responsible for experiments in genetic mutation. The girl is one of the subjects of the experiments and the lab is trying to eliminate her. Logan is reluctant to accept the woman’s proposal, but the money offered is a way out for him and Charles. After misgivings he does take her up on her offer only to find her murdered. The people who want the child dead are responsible and they are coming after her and anyone who stands in their way. Logan, Charles, and Laura go on the run to find the safe place known only as Eden, trying to stay a step ahead of the ruthless enforcers that are intent on capturing Laura, but there is more at stake than just Laura’s life. Logan discovers she is not the only child that was part of the experiment that sets to tip the balance between mutant and human kind. As Logan leads her to “Eden” he makes a final stand to keep her and the other children out of the hands of the agency that spawned them.

Logan sees Hugh Jackman in his final turn in the role that made him a household name. This film is a little different from your usual comic book movie in that the performances are more in depth and not as seemingly superficial and stereotypical as the usual Marvel superhero movie. Patrick Stewart paints quite a different picture of Professor Xavier than we have come to know. Charles is in his 90s here and more like an ageing grandfather that wanders off in speech and thought all the while his telepathic abilities are no longer wielded with such precision and that causes complications on an epic scale. Newcomer Dafne Keen is a firecracker as Laura. She may not say much, but she makes up for it in brutal action. She matches Wolverine’s abilities with deadly intensity, but one performance really surprised me. British writer, comedian, actor Stephen Merchant as the mutant Caliban. Merchant is best known as the co-writer, director of The Office and Extras, but his performance as a mutant whose ability is to track other mutants is very genuine and far from comedic. Even though Logan is stunt filled and action packed it is definitely not your typical comic book movie. It is quite unexpected and an interesting last look at these iconic characters in the Marvel canon, and is definitely worth a look if you are a Marvel fan.


Check out the trailer for “LOGAN” below:

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