snatchedAmy Schumer as Emily

Goldie Hawn as Linda

Ike Barinholtz as Jeffrey

Joan Cusack as Barb

Wanda Sykes as Ruth

Christopher Meloni as Roger

Óscar Jaenada as Morgado

Randall Park as Michael


In theatres May 12

4 out of 5


Emily Middleton (Schumer) is to say the least an underachiever.  You wonder how she made it through life when you see how quickly she burns through her job and her relationship.  Newly single she is left with a non refundable trip to Ecuador.  All her friends turn her down.  Depressed about her situation she goes to visit her mom Linda (Hawn).  Linda’s a widow who lives with her cats and her agoraphobic adult son Jeffrey (Barinholtz).  Linda is very well meaning, but slightly clueless so it’s easy to see where Emily gets it from.  Impulsively, Emily asks mom to come with her to Ecuador.  After some persuasion mom says yes.  Soon after arriving Emily meets a charming local and the two begin seeing a lot of each other.  On one outing that happens to include Linda, they are ambushed and knocked out.  When they awake they are told by their captors that they are being held for ransom.  They force Linda to call Jeffrey to make a ransom demand.  This sends Jeffrey into a total panic so he calls the state department where a less than thrilled clerk gives basically useless advice that leaves Linda and Emily with no choice than to fight their way out of their situation themselves.

Snatched is an interesting, comedy.  Penned by comedian/screenwriter Kate Dippold (The Heat, Ghostbusters), snatched isn’t perfect, but its curious blending of characters makes it hilarious and fun.

Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer make for an interesting mom and daughter.  Amy is, well Amy.  Her character while being unflinchingly honest without a touch of mean-spiritedness, is bright, but clueless.  She’s self-centered and lacks direction.  She’s sweet one moment and obnoxious the next, but you still end up rooting for her.  It’s always a little cringe-y when you see an aging actress try to be as whip sharp as they were in their day, but you forgive it because this is Goldie Hawn and she still has that spark, but sometimes the chemistry between her and Amy was a little mismatched.  That did however make sense because this mother and daughter’s relationship is broken.  VERY broken.  In fact, Dysfunctional is an understatement when referring to this entire family (Don’t even get me started on Jeffrey).  But that disconnected feeling also translated to the flow of the film.  The pacing seemed a little uneven.  The mixing of the comedy and drama felt kind of smash cut.  While that worked in certain scenes, it ruins the setting in others.  In spite of that, this movie is hugely entertaining and has some surprisingly great cinematography.  I can easily see this becoming a cult classic.  Amy Schumer is one of the comedic it girls right now and I think she’s the only one who could have pulled this off.  There aren’t many female driven action/buddy comedies out there.  That makes it easy to tell the good from the bad.  This one ain’t bad.  The beauty of this movie also lies in the casting in the supporting roles.  Joan Cusack and Wanda Sykes as two retired tourists, one used to be in special ops and Law and Order SVU‘s Chris Meloni.  Whenever he’s in a comedy It’s a treat. You can always bet he’s adding yet another notch to his ever growing list of oddball characters and this one a questionable jungle adventurer is no exception.

Over all I think Snatched is a funny, smart, female driven comedy that is worth seeing.  While it might not be a run-right-out-and-see, you should definitely hit it up when it comes to Netflix or Amazon.  You might even want to see it with your mom.


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