alien-covenant-official-movie-poster-2Michael Fassbender as David 8 and Walter,

Katherine Waterston as Daniels

Billy Crudup as Oram,

Danny McBride as Tennessee,

Demián Bichir as Sergeant Lope,

Carmen Ejogo as Karine

Amy Seimetz as Faris

Jussie Smollett as Ricks



In theatres May 19


1 1/2 out of 5



The Covenant is a colonization ship bound for a remote planet.  While the colonists and crew are in hypersleep, the ship is maintained by Walter, a synthetic human.  While performing a maintenance check a solar pulse causes ship damage which prompts Walter to bring the crew out of stasis.  While doing so a malfunction causes the captain to burn up in his pod.  As the crew, begins to make repairs, they intercept a transmission of a human singing fragment of a popular song.  Oram (Crudup) the acting captain wants to investigate over environmental engineer Daniels (Waterston) suggestion that they return to hypersleep and continue their original mission.

Ok that’s the set up.   Do you go with her recommendation,(turn to page 18) or decide to explore (turn to page 37)?  Of course if you’re a fan of the ALIEN universe you turn to page 37.  That’s who this movie was made for, but for those of us who really don’t care, we have another round of “how long can we continue to beat this horse?”   The Alien franchise has somehow managed to find a way to keep going with prequels and now a sequel to the prequel.  Covenant is a Sequel to Prometheus, the prequel of the whole franchise. Yeah.  That’s the audience that it was made for (Cha-ching).  They lost my interest after Alien II.

That being said, some of the performances in the film were top notch.  Tony Award winner Billy Crudup gives a useless, reluctant captain Omro who was both infuriating and heartbreaking to watch. The enigmatic Michael Fassbender is serving you his finest Star Trek: TNG Lore/Commander Data realness.  In those scenes with himself and evil twin you could definitely see that happening, it almost felt that even the dialogue was exactly the same.  It made for a delicious eerie feeling though.  The rivalry between the two of them was the most interesting part of the film.  It was also nice to see Danny McBride do a straight performance while still being a colorful character.

Reasons to see this movie?  Bottom line:  If you are a fan of this franchise, this is your jam.  Second reason to see this film is if you are a fan of Michael Fassbender’s and third, for some it will serve for a totally predictable by-the-numbers sci-fi /horror film, and that’s about it.


Check out the trailer for “ALIEN: COVENANT ” below:

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