kingsmanColin Firth as Harry Hart / Galahad
Julianne Moore as Poppy Adams
Taron Egerton as Gary “Eggsy” Unwin / Galahad
Mark Strong as Merlin
Halle Berry as Ginger
Elton John as himself
Channing Tatum as Tequila
Jeff Bridges as Champagne “Champ”





In theaters September 22

5 out of 5

Kingsman secret agent Eggsy Unwin is back for another adventure. Saving the world from yet another Batman-esque super villain. And what a super villain. Her name is poppy. Her legit cover is as a pharmaceutical company but she is the number one cartel producer and distributor of all manner of illegal drugs: weed, cocaine, meth, heroin. but she wants to operate her cartel in the open and with impunity. The only way she can do that is if the President agrees to end his war on drugs. to encourage the president to do so, she poisons all her product with a toxin that causes the users to break out with a blue rash that left untreated will lead to a painful, gruesome death. Poppy will give the world the antidote only if the president will agree to end the war on drugs. After Poppy all but destroyed Kingmsan, Eggsy and Merlin reach out to Statesman, their sister organization in America for help in getting the antidote so that they can save the world.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is fun fun fun! The movie starts off like a fireball and just keeps on rolling right through. The hits just keep on coming! This movie is so fantastically over the top it’s like buttah! Poppy, played with delicious delusion by Julianne Moore is the goddess of her own little world. Truly on par with old school Batman villains. The only thing that was missing was dutch angles when you were at her “lair”. You gotta give it up for Poppy though, she gets to be serenaded by her favorite entertainer, Elton John, every night. She’s holding him captive you see. Speaking of Elton, get ready to see Captain Fantastic as you’ve never seen him before in all of his ass kicking glory! Oh, and get ready for the most creative way to plant a GPS tracker you will ever see. No need to think about this one, just Grab a bucket of popcorn, sit back and enjoy the ride. And what a wild ride it is. If you enjoyed the first movie, Golden Circle is a must see.


Check out the trailer for “KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE” below:


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