Feature: Poseidon Davenport & Connie Hung

Mr. & Miss New Orleans Pride 2018
// Written by Lucius L Riley | Photos by eyeLucius –

It’s hard to turn in any direction in the New Orleans performance arena and not encounter Poseidon Davenport and Connie Hung among the stellar elite of the entertainment community in New Orleans. This year, they join forces as Mr. and Miss Pride to bring NOLA Pride to the next level… and beyond.

Poseidon and his legendary trident! During our shared time working at Oz on Bourbon Street, I at the Door and you as a Male Entertainer atop the bar, there were always those unmistakable moments where you captured an audience. An awestruck look would wash over the faces of passersby as they peered past me into the bar from the street, and I would think “Poseidon is standing behind me with that thing, isn’t he?”

POSEIDON DAVENPORT: Yes, It’s just an illusion. I mean, it is me… but it’s an illusion!

You’re from Cincinnatti, Ohio?

PD: Cincinnatti is where I claim. I didn’t grow up there, but I went to school there. I grew up in Spencerville, Ohio – two hours north, in a really small town with a population 2,000. I was the only out gay boy – the only gay boy period – I remember that point in time; it was 1999 and I was in 8th grade. So naturally, the next year, I became a male cheerleader – again, he only boy.

How did you find your way to New Orleans?

PD: I came for Mardi Gras in 2011 and met my partner, Eros Sea, and I fell in love with the city. It’s easy going, we celebrate life at a funeral rather than being sad and upset about it. There’s so much history and culture. New Orleans made me feel like the me that I wanted to be. I had 3 job interviews before I left to go back…easy.

How many things do you have going on at the same time work-wise these days?

PD: I teach gymnastics to kids during the day. Instead of Phys. Ed., they come to me for 3 hours. I also do an organized recess for them for 3 and half hours. Then I run an afterschool program where I teach for another 2 and half hours. After that, I usually have personal training clients.

And then you have your burlesque shows…

PD: We (Scorpio Boys Entertainment) have shows at GrandPre’s on N. Rampart St. every 4th Friday and then every 4th Saturday at Mags 940 on Elysian Fields.

And then somehow amidst all that, you still find time to compete on the pageant circuit!

PD: I competed in Mr. Angel City and I got second alternate, so we are going to Nationals during Labor Day weekend, then to Mr. Continental on September 1st.

AND you’re Mr. New Orleans Pride! What is that going to make your Pride day like?

PD: We start off performing between Mags 940 and the Phoenix and then carry on to the parade. And then I believe there’s a closing party, too. It’s going to be a LONG weekend.

What are you hopes and goals for Pride this year?

PD: My goal was to bring everyone together. I don’t care for the “bar wars” – “You can’t work at this bar or that bar,” etc. Let’s bring everybody together and support the community from within before we look outside to join forces.

Anti-bullying is also a cause for me because of my experience growing up being bullied…finding myself in the principal’s office every day for something I didn’t do…

What is Pride like back home in Spencerville?

PD: Back home? NONE. They’re very sheltered. In Cincinnatti, it’s like New Orleans where you would think they would have a big Pride celebration, but it’s still growing. It talks a lot of the community to make it happen. Like how New Orleans Pride gets bigger and bigger every year…and I can see it becoming something like Southern Decadence. BIG.

Connie Hung is “the best Barbie produced by Mattel-Asia,“ – and with some interesting accessories that I will not spoil for the audience here – so proclaimed during her official introduction as a Lady of Oz.

How long have you been performing in drag?

CONNIE HUNG: I’ve been doing drag for 7 years. My first name was Kim Che, typical, but then my husband said it was “so cliché,” and we changed the name to Connie Hung. I was only Kim Che for 2 months! I’m mostly the hip-hop ghetto queen with my performance numbers

You’re from New Orleans originally?

CH: Born and Raised on the West Bank. I live in Chalmette now. We moved to civilization – there’s no crime, [but there is] peace and quiet.

Have you ever thought about living anywhere else?

CH: Honestly I don’t. I LOVE my city. There are some bad things about it, but the good things outweigh them.

As a New Orleans native, where is your favorite place to eat?

CH: Jacques-Imos on Oak Street has the BEST Alligator Cheesecake! Yesssss.

And as far as going out, are there any bars that you frequent.

CH: If I’m not working at a bar, I hang out at home. I stay home mostly.

You still perform all around town. Besides your weekly shows as a Lady of Oz on Bourbon Street, where else can we find you?

CH: Besides Oz, I’m currently also at Boomtown for Drag Brunch. I do work full-time, so drag is my hobby.

You had to take a break from performing for quite a while for health reasons. How long have you been back on the stage?

CH: I’ve been back since the beginning of April after being out for almost 3 months.

Did being away from all of this change your perspective on anything?

CH: I learned to not worry about the minor things now. During recovery, I realized that all the things that used to bother me and make me angry aren’t as bad as they seem. I take everything with a smile now. I wake up every morning and tell myself, “it’s going to be a great day.”

And returning to the audience, have they changed at all?

CH: Oh NO, they still LOVE ME. They still make me feel good.

You have to do the long day of commitments for Pride…and you have to do it in drag! What does your day look like?

CH: I’ll wake up 3 hours early to get into drag and be downtown to perform and then spend all of Pride with my king!

What are your duties as Mr. and Miss Pride?

CH: We put on 2 benefits for the Pride organization to support their platform and other benefits for causes like anti-bullying and to raise awareness of Pride. Every other city’s Pride seems so big and ours in New Orleans is still small. We want it bigger. EVERYBODY likes it bigger.

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