//Written by Benjamin J. Gilyot

Jodie Foster as Nurse

Sterling K. Brown as Waikiki

Sofia Boutella as Nice

Jeff Goldblum as The Wolf King/Niagara

Brian Tyree Henry as Honolulu

Jenny Slate as Morgan

Zachary Quinto as Ilya

Charlie Day as Acapulco

Dave Bautista as Everest


In theatres June 8

Grade: B-


In a surprisingly colorful film, Sterling K. Brown oozes charisma and Jodie Foster reminds us why we love her in this action thriller set in the backdrop of a future riot in the city of Los Angeles.

Criminals pay for a membership at a secret hospital in Los Angeles. The rules of the hospital include “Don’t kill any other guests” and “No guns.” Everyone is assigned a code name based on the décor of the treatment room. Charlie Day is as entertaining playing a dirtbag as we’ve come to enjoy, and Dave Bautista delivers another comical performance as an orderly. Zachary Quinto—beautiful as always—plays a disturbingly angry man who desperately needs the approval of his kingpin father played by Jeff Goldblum.

I went into this film only expecting to enjoy the chemistry of a talented cast enjoying themselves in an action thriller. This film delivered enjoyable action and found ways to defy genre conventions. Every time I expected a plotline to follow predictable patterns, it went another way. I left the theater wondering about the interior lives of the characters, the motivations behind the LA protests in the film, and the medical technology innovations within the next decade.

Action fans are in for a treat here, and movie fans will enjoy the ideas going on in the background of this film.


Check out the trailer for “RED SPARROW” below:

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