Another Year Over and a New One Just Begun

Written by Joan Stevenson—

Well here we are again, the start of another year. One year on… We’ve had some ups and downs, but how have you been Flamers? How did 2012 treat you? When we spoke last January, I charged you to tackle the year by rediscovering your passion – finding that one thing which gives you that little lift that makes everything in life easier to deal with. So did you give it a shot or did life happen and you got side tracked?  If you did, that’s okay. That’s what’s so great about the new year, you can give it another try. I had a lot of challenges to deal with this past year with moving and having to care for my mom who has had some health concerns so I definitely got distracted and discouraged, but I know that I can still carve something good out of the new year; got to keep moving forward.

As I have said before about making resolutions, don’t make any lofty aspirations. Keep it simple. Start with something small then if you take a step, take another, and another until your goal, dream, or hope is in sight. I like to make a list instead of resolutions. I make a list of things I would like to accomplish in the year kind of like a to-do list. I think carefully about what I want, then write it down. Then I put the list up on my bulletin board or wherever I can see it openly. It’s there as a guide throughout the year as a gentle reminder. Whenever I accomplish something, I cross it off the list. No matter what it is, it feels good to cross something off the list.

As an example my list for 2013 includes:
• Line up more gigs
• Do more recording
• Get a show produced
• Get a new pair of glasses
• Change hair color (maybe)
• Go to a concert

Now what you want to put on your list is completely up to you. You can keep it strictly serious: quit smoking, go to the gym, or become a vegan, for example. Or you can make it a fun list: buy that pair of shoes, subscribe to that magazine, or say hi to that hottie next time you see them at the bar. You don’t even have to take the list one by one in order, just go with what comes and cross it off as it happens. Believe me, it does feel good to cross things off that list. It gives you a feeling of accomplishment. If the idea of a list is too strict, make it a cloud structure. The whole idea is to take the pressure off so you don’t feel disappointed with yourself if you break a resolution. If you reach the end of the year with things still on your list, put them on the list for the next year or just start all over from scratch. Isn’t that what a new beginning is all about? Call it a wish list. Give this approach a try and I guarantee you’ll feel better and stronger about what goals you’re trying to accomplish.

However you decide to face the challenges that will come your way this year,  stay strong and be safe. I wish you and your loved ones a happy and fulfilling 2013. Flame on!

Joan Stevenson is an entertainer in the Metro Detroit area. Find her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter @Lady_J_8  and on Tumblr:

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