Facebook Posting — Do You Need an Intervention?

Written by Joan Stevenson—

How often do you post on Facebook? Once a day, once a week, or once a month? The average number of posts a person makes on Facebook is anywhere from one to four in a given day. Many of us have friends who post quite a few things like sayings, bible verses, humorous pictures, memes, and news stories, but what do you do when you know someone who is posting way over that average? How much posting is too much and what do you do when a friend’s posting is monumental?

I have a friend who posts on Facebook a lot, and when I say a lot I don’t mean the average one to four posts per day, I mean a lot. Usually when you log on to Facebook, you have a few notifications from posts you’ve made or commented on… a few. When I log on, my notification number is usually 99+ (95% of those came from one person). For a while now, I have been curious as to just how many posts this person actually makes in a given day, so for a period of two weeks, I actually counted their posts. In 24-hour periods, I tallied every post that they made. Now I knew they posted a great deal, but when I was actually confronted with the numbers, I was a little overwhelmed. In the first week, their total posts reached 1,135 which comes out to an average of 162 posts a day. The second week’s total was 2,005, which is an average of 286 posts per day.

The downside to being on the receiving end of those posts, I admit, is it’s sometimes annoying. It takes me a long time to weed through the notifications of other people’s posts. I have actually missed information from my other friends because wading through all the notifications got to be a little frustrating and tedious, so I would give up trying. While posting was going on, I couldn’t play a game or read anything on my page because the entire left-hand side of my screen was being covered with notifications, so I would have to stop and come back later. I recently got a smartphone and it vibrates whenever they make a post. If I’m holding the phone when this happens, it’s as if a restaurant is telling me my table is ready. Not kidding! I have occasionally mentioned to my friend laughingly that they might need an intervention. Their response was to say they have ADD and they read quickly.

You might wonder why and how a person can post so much; do they have no life? Far from it! This person is a historical tour guide, a gigging vocalist, and a successful small business owner – they just like to share posts of humor, political, current events, and pop culture to brighten your day, make you laugh, and give you something to think about, which is wonderful, but there’s just so many things you can read at a time.

If it is possible, I think they could and should find a way for Facebook to be paying them! They have actually reached blogger-type status with follows on Facebook (including some actual celebrity profiles). I’ve been telling them that they’re a born blogger, and I don’t say that lightly. They don’t have to be restricted by Facebook! I have suggested starting a blog on Tumblr, but I think they would fare better if they started their own real outside blog. I believe they’d be a great blogger and writer.

But now comes the moment of truth. I decided after my experiment that if the posts were excessive (I think this qualifies as excessive), I would stop following. Not unfriend, mind you, because we have been friends for years and I hope we always will, but I’ve got to cut down the traffic in my newsfeed. I will miss some of the posts, granted, but there are only so many entries I can read in a day. Oh well.

So what about you? Is there someone in your Facebook circle whose posting borders on frenetic? I grant you they would have to be pretty prolific to match the rate at which this person posts, but if their posting is more disruptive than entertaining and informative, you might want to rethink your newsfeed options.

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