Geo Glam: Too Glam to Give a Damn!

You may have seen or heard Geo’s name recently in regards to Motor City Pride. But his reach is farther than just Detroit. We dropped in on Geo to find out what’s new with him.

You just won Mister Motor City Pride and participated in all the pride festivities. How does it feel to represent the city that you grew up in?
It feels awesome! From the moment I was crowned and rewarded the title the Motor City, my city has welcomed me and shown me nothing but love.

Your stage name is Geo Vaughn Cole but you also go by Geo Glam. Why two different names?
[Laughs] Well, Geo Vaughn Cole is my entertainment name or stage name. I belong to the AMAZING family that is Detroit’s very own Cole family. Consisting of heavy hitters such as Xavier Cole, Izaya Cole and the legendary Natalie Cole. Geo Glam is my brand! Every great businessman has a brand. Geo Glam is mine.

I hear you are making your name heard in Ohio. What’s happening there?
I always like to try to seek out new avenues to get my name/brand out to the public. I have many good friends all over, so when approached about the possibilities of competing outside of Michigan, though reluctant at first, I took the opportunity and I was able to procure the title of Mr. Addicted to Glamour 2015.

I notice a lot of creativity in the things you do. Who or where do you get your inspiration from?
Creativity comes from all over. Anything from a theme to color palette to the emotion I’m at that particular moment. Most commonly, I get creativity by not limiting myself, always asking open-ended questions until my needs are met.

What is next on your pageant radar?
Now that I’ve captured the heart of the Motor City, my next goals are to compete for Great Lakes Entertainer of the Year, then National Entertainer of the Year and come out victorious for both!

If fortunate enough to win your national pageant, then what? On to the next national?
After the win is when the real work comes in! With National Entertainer of the Year one doesn’t simply win and then relax for 365 days. This particular year both Trinity Taylor and Matt Strother have put in so much work. This system has been in a way like their kid. If I’m lucky enough to be chosen, I’d first do my best to continue to grow this inspirational system and let the future fall as it may.

If the readers wanted to keep up with what is going on in your world, how would they find you?
Geoglam on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter or

Can you tell us something that only a few people know about you?
Hmmmm I’m usually an open book. My heritage consists of German, Jamaican and Native American!

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