Introducing Dominique Pruitt

Dominique PruittPretty like a pistol, and sassy like a tequila sunrise, soulful redhead Dominique Pruitt is here to shimmy your coconut tree with her own brand of retro pop, that’ll have you craving a classic convertible getaway to a mid-century modern paradise. Her musical style has major nods to the sounds of bygone eras where beach blanket bingo, drive in theaters, and lover’s lanes were what summers were made of. She’s a flea market treasure scourer, a tiki drink sipper, and a rhinestone cowgirl-really, she has horses and loves all that sparkles.

Growing up high on a hill in “the” Valley outside of Los Angeles, she made up imaginary friends when she was a small child, and this is where her love of story-telling began. Her parents and all of their friends too, were professional musicians, so being surrounded by eccentric music makers was just normal life. The course of her young life was forever altered when she was 9. She saw the John Waters’ film “Cry Baby”, and there it was- she was madly in love with all things 1950s, especially the music, and there was no escaping it. As she got older, everything about the 1940s and 1960s snuck into that special place in her heart as well. Her singing career started as a young girl, and her first audience was actually her horse, who would listen while walking for hours on a dusty trail.

Today she still sings to her horse, but much more so for her fans around Los Angeles. Dominique has an interesting writing partner, her Dad (with a pretty weird past)…but that’s a whole other story. She is ready to release her debut, and can’t wait to let everyone hear what she’s been cookin’ up.

Debut self titled album out this summer via Merovee Records.  Produced by Dave Darling (Glen Campbell, Brain Setzer, Stray Cats)

Preview the debut single “To Win Your Love” below:

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