Kendyll Harding: Miss Amateur CGC

You’re the current reigning Miss Amateur Club Gold Coast. What is it like being a titleholder for the first time?

Honestly, it’s amazing and I feel honored. Becoming Miss Amateur Club Gold Coast has opened so many doors for me and I have been able to meet great people! I am beyond excited to see what this year has in store for me!

Club Gold Coast is one of the staples of Detroit nightlife, culture; what do you think it is that makes it a place everyone enjoys going to?

Well I think because there is a variety of entertainment and the staff at Gold Coast is awesome and very welcoming; that’s why many people enjoy going there.

What was it like preparing for your first pageant? What was the hardest thing to prepare for?

Well to be honest, it was very stressful but nothing good comes easy. I just stayed focused and worked hard and it all paid off! The hardest thing preparing for this pageant, as well as any, was probably financial, luckily I was proudly sponsored by a number of family and friends.

What advice would you give to future contestants?

Determination is always key! If you set your mind to something and you work hard for it everyday, then you should achieve it! If not, you try harder. Like I said, eventually it all pays off. Gold Coast is an awesome place to work and go to, so I hope to see lots of contestants next year!

Who are some of the queens you look up to so far in your drag career?

Well for starters, I must say my drag mother, Crystal Harding. She has gone above and beyond for me from teaching, showing, and helping me with things. She is extremely humble, a great entertainer, and above all, a great person and I truly look up to her.

Also, Natalie Cole. She is a great entertainer and she has made such a name for herself. She is also a very strong individual and has accomplished so much!

Last but not least, Miss Gold Coast, Victoria Sanchez. I look up to her because of her dedication and determination! I have seen her accomplish so many things in this past year and I truly feel she is an amazing entertainer and person.

How are you feeling about the Miss Gold Coast Pageants?

I love it! A bar should always have variety. By having a Miss, Mr., and Miss Amateur Club Gold Coast, it gives the bar and crowd a variety of entertainers and it also opens doors for not one of us, but many of us.

When can we see you performing at Club Gold Coast?

You can see me performing at Club Gold Coast once a month and every holiday.

Now that you’ve accomplished this so early in your career, what’s next for you in the world of drag?

Well, I have not done it all. This is just the beginning. I am so dedicated and determined to further my career that I want to jump into things, but unfortunately that’s not how it works. For now, I am just trying to better myself as a person and entertainer. Come next year I will be running for a few different bar titles and I guess you will see when the time comes. Thank you!

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