Scott Romstadt: New Home. New Beginnings.

Scott Romstadt has lived all over the nation, from Toledo to the tundra. We’re now lucky enough to have this country boy in our own backyard, slinging drinks over at Menjo’s. For now, Scott is calling Detroit home, but for how long, we wonder. Let’s hope he’s here to stay, because, man, does he know how to wear that cowboy hat! We lassoed Scott in for an interview to get his thoughts and perspectives on life as well as life in Detroit.

Scotty, we don’t see guys like you everyday here in Michigan. Where are you originally from?

I grew up in Toledo, Ohio, then went to New York City when I turned eighteen. I lived there for a little over six years then I moved to Los Angeles, was there for a little over three years, then I moved to Talkeetna, Alaska for about a year and a half to get away from it all. Now here I am in Detroit!

Describe to us what the most adventurous day in Alaska would be like?

Well, my only regret about my stay in Alaska is that I didn’t get to have MORE adventure… There was a lot of working and a lot of hard times mixed in with the glory of living in such an incredible place. I moved there with my partner at the time and our three dogs, and we found ourselves a little out of our element when winter hit… So there was a lot of struggle just to keep things going, and a lot of catching up to do when spring and summer hit. However, even with all the difficulties, it was a beautiful experience I wouldn’t trade for anything. Living there really humbled me… I think about that experience all the time.

Of all places, why did you choose to come to Detroit, Michigan?

Detroit had been on my mind for years. After I left Alaska, I had no plans. I worked on a 3 for a few months in Northern California then came home to Toledo with the intention of spending some time with my family and figuring it out from there. I needed a place I could start over fresh, I also didn’t have much money and Detroit was close to Toledo and relatively affordable, so I made the leap. I’m happy I did. I feel like Detroit is my new home and that I’ll be here for a while. We’re both starting over again, so we’re perfect for each other.

Now that you’re here, where can our readers find you?

Well, I’ve been bartending for a little over a year at the New Menjo’s Complex. I’m always there on Monday nights, for our one-of-a-kind karaoke, and Thursday nights for our party, “Cream.” Sometimes I’m there on a weekend. Menjo’s was my first job here in Detroit, and they’ve been like family to me. It’s been incredible to see the bar grow and come back, and I couldn’t be more excited for this summer and all the fun things we have coming up. I have so much fun when I’m there!

What do you like to do when you’re not working at Menjo’s?

Well, I like to keep active.  I practice yoga and I take classes at the Detroit Flyhouse… I’ve recently discovered that the hula-hoop is my new best friend. I also like to play guitar and listen to a lot of old country music, and anything film and photography related.

Are you single? But most importantly are you mingling?

I’m happily single and mingling just a little. My main focus right now is getting my life together, and I’ve got a lot of work to do in that regard. Dating is kind of on the back-burner, but I do like a date from time to time… I’m only human.

When dating, what are your biggest turn ons and turn offs?

Biggest turn on is quiet confidence. Somebody who is secure enough with himself to not give a crap what anyone thinks of him, but who also isn’t a cocky jerk. Biggest turn off is probably jealousy and people who tend to be controlling or very insecure.

In the game of life, what are some of your short-term and long-term goals?

Short term, I’d like to stop working so much and have a little more fun this summer. I really need to explore Detroit and all of what Michigan has to offer. I’m hoping to start massage therapy school in June and looking to get deeper into my aerial training. Long term, I’d love to work for myself and produce some creative art—whether it’s with film, photography, performance, or all of those things combined. I’d like to be an independent, working artist.

What are your true feelings about Zane leaving

One Direction?

I think that Zane probably figured out that there was more than just one direction. And good for him.

Lastly, is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Come say hi to me at Menjo’s!



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