A New Beginning…

Written by Joan Stevenson—

It’s a new dawn, a new day, a new life. A new year.  A chance to start fresh.  Time to leave the past behind.

New Year’s resolutions.  We all make them: to lose weight, to quit smoking…

No matter how well intentioned, the majority of us are not successful sticking to them.  I am no exception, honey, believe me!

I think most of us fail because we try to tackle too big a mountain.  That 30 or 40 pounds isn’t going to come off overnight.

One or two pack a day smoker? You’re gonna have problems if you try to go cold turkey.

I have things that I would like to accomplish this year. Losing weight is one of them.  I’ve got a laundry list that I’m ready to take on the world with – but realistically, it ain’t happening until I get a lot more money!

At the moment we make the decision, we all seem to have a force of will that gives us the spark to say, “OK this time I’m gonna do it!  This time I’ll overcome the challenge and be a better me!”  It’s all sooo lofty – which is why you feel bad when you realize that you didn’t stick with it.

Time to hit that reset button because a new year is a fresh start. I have decided that this year I will stick to two things and try to make a dent in them.  Yes, one is my weight. But the other recently came to light and I think it is something worth perusing.

Most of you know I’m a singer and entertainer.   Earlier this year, I had an audition with a major network TV show. You know, the one where the judges have rotating chairs?

Long story short – and there is a story! – I did not pass.

I was feeling kind of ambivalent about things because, on the one hand, I knew from years of experience that I was good.

But as I sat there waiting with all of the other hopefuls (a couple of them equally awesome vocalists whom I knew personally), I realized that I simply did not belong there.

Dealing with this left me in limbo.  I started thinking, “Where do I belong?  What do I do? How do I find my place?”

Then just recently, I was randomly chosen to do something huge. The kind of huge that is getting me airplay countrywide in the U.K., and which gave me a feeling of validation that I guess I had been seeking. And it made me feel like,  “OK I’m not crazy, I do have a purpose. I just have to find out what it is so maybe I can still do something in life.”

A few days ago, I might have found that something.

I recently came across some old tapes of music that I created when I was in college in the mid ’90s.  This was the first time I ever had the experience of creating my own music with my imagination and my own two hands.

Rediscovering what I had made and remembering how good it felt to create it was like rediscovering a part of myself that I had long forgotten. I rediscovered a passion! I began thinking that this might be what I need to start doing. So I will make my resolution getting the tools I need to do it.

Put this on your list of New Year’s resolutions: REDISCOVER YOUR PASSION.

Everyone, at one time or another, has had something in their lives that made them feel good about themselves and gave them the feeling that “Hey, you know, everything just might be alright.”

Find that one little thing that makes everything else OK to deal with – and no, I’m not talking about “substances,” people.

Above all else, no big, lofty promises to yourself that leave you feeling like crap when you break them.

We all have so much on our minds with the little day-to-day worries, and they pile up.  Lord knows what we’re gonna face in 2012, but if you do one thing that brings some joy to your life, it might make all the rest of the crap easier to deal with.

2012: A new year. Let’s do this!  FLAME ON!

Joan Stevenson is an entertainer in the metro Detroit area.  Find her on facebook and follow her @Lady_J_8 on twitter #theworldaccordingtojoan. Joan also has a podcast at http://vidgirl8.podbean.com/.


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