Victoria Sanchez: Miss Gigi’s 2014

Victoria Sanchez: Miss Gigi’s 2014



The title of Miss Gigi’s is one of the longest running titles in the country and undoubtedly one of the most coveted by queens in Michigan and abroad. This year, the title and crown were passed on to Victoria Sanchez, a seasoned female impersonator and competitor in local and national pageants, such as Entertainer of the Year. On winning Miss Gigi’s, we wanted to talk to bar title’s newest representative.



1. Describe how it feels to be crowned the new Miss Gigi’s.

It feels amazing. Its honestly a dream come true. I really feel that my hard work paid off, and it’s just the challenge I needed to excel my drag career.


2. What was the hardest thing in preparation for this pageant?

The hardest part was staying focused on the pageant while still working and attending school, as well as spending time with my daughter. It did get overwhelming at times, but I always had a member of my dream team around to help me stay organized and focused.


3. Which category were you least prepared for? Which were you most prepared for?

I would say I was least prepared for evening gown. I had put so much time and energy into perfecting my talent, which I feel was the category I was so focused on. When I would rehearse evening gown at home, I didn’t have the amount of difficulty walking in it as I had on stage. All of the work I put into talent made it the category I was most prepared for. I didn’t finally decide one hundred percent that I was going to compete until July, so in a sense, I had to rush. I was reluctant at first about competing, because I had to make sure that I was able to fulfill the expectations asked of me if I were to win. I continued to motivate myself along the way, and not only worked on what I had to present during competition weekend, but I also made sure that I was ready to reign successfully.


4. What makes up the perfect dream team? Was it hard creating your own?

I have learned that the perfect dream team consists of those who believe in your package as much as you do. My dream team became like family. My dancers were so dedicated and Prince Cole was more than just a choreographer. He would call daily to inquire about my other categories and to see if I needed anything else. My dressers, Davana Couture and Geo Glam, would spend nights at my house perfecting my vision. My seamstress, Michiee DeVale, has always been consistent with making sure my looks were perfect to what my visions were. There was so much valuable advice I received from other titleholders and formers that helped me mentally prepare along the way.


5. Was there ever a time when you thought about giving up? Who talked you out of it?

I never really thought about giving up. From the moment I started preparing and seeing everything come together I got more motivated to continue. However, after evening gown I did feel discouraged and defeated. I thought it would be impossible for me to win. My dressers spent the night at my house that evening and we talked about it. They kept reminding me that it was only one category and that my other categories were very strong. As we entered the final day of competition, I eliminated the feeling of being defeated, and I knew I had to work very hard to win.


6. As the new Miss Gigi’s, what are some of the things you want to do for the community?

I would really like to to open doors to many entertainers looking to get on stage. In a city where the drag world is slowly diminishing, there are many queens, kings, males and females that want to perform, but have no where to go. By providing these entertainers with a platform to display their craft we are molding the next generation of talent.


7. How are you feeling about the newly added Miss Amateur and Classic?

Im excited to work with these ladies. They are fun to be around, and I see that they wanted this as much as I did. Im eager to make the memories and bonding moments we are going to create throughout this year.



8. What advice would you give to future possible contestants?

Build the perfect dream team! I couldn’t have done this alone. There is a lot of work involved with creating a winning pageant package. There are ideas and advice you can receive from many people that will help you bring your vision to life. Pageants are not cheap; get a second job and reach out to those close to you for help if they are willing. Being organized and focused is a main factor as well, and have fun. Never allow anything to take away the fun of competing.


9. As a former Miss Birdcage you had you own talent night for up-and-coming talent. Are we in the works for a new talent night?

It’s very possible. I have ran the idea by my “Boss Lady,” and she likes it, so hopefully its something we can get the ball rolling on. This was part of my motivation for competing. The talent contest really opened doors for a lot of entertainers. I still have a lot of people inquiring about the contest because they miss being able to perform. I encourage those who are interested to contact me and stay in contact with me, and together we can all bring the contest back. I believe it can honestly be more successful than it ever has.


10. After Miss Gigi’s, what’s next on your pageant platter?

Hmmmm, well I feel its time to get my name and face outside of Michigan, and make myself more marketable. I have a few pageants in mind, but I have not confirmed any yet. I would love to go back to EOY, so very soon I’ll be meeting with my dream team and discussing that possibility.

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