Video Premiere: Jessie & The Toy Boys – “On With My Bad Self”

Once again, Jessie and the Toy Boys slips past expectations with sweaty, slick pop anthem that’s as “swaggy” as it is sexy.

She even manages to leap to the next level from “Let’s Get Naughty”, fusing sunny Gwen Stefani-style soul “bangin’ on the radio” with decidedly Tumblr-generation-friendly dubstep. Each moment is a surprise in its own right, and Jessie preserves her razor sharp wit with an arsenal of quick quips and barbs. Plus, the girl’s got one hell of a voice that can deliver those sugary tongue-in-cheek hooks and seductive verses with cooing aplomb.

Jessie & The Toy Boys proves to be the baddest out there yet again. Just wait because when pop catches up to her, it’ll never be the same.

Keep her away from the bath salts and Nicolas Cage though…

Check out the video for the song below:

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